The purpose of forum Theatre?

The point of gathering theater is to investigate genuine practice situations such that engages understudies to practice arrangements and change the result of a situation to improve things. It is a type of intuitive dramatization. Augustus Boal (1985) has been generally credited for the arrangement and improvement of discussion theater.

Is Theatre for social change?

Prototyping The Future Society through Theater for Social Change. ... In contrast to other sort of theater, theater for social change is a presentation group to bring issues to light about the effect of social issues through network commitment process.

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Does Theatre Help Us Look Beyond What We See?

Obviously, we for the most part don’t consider it while getting a charge out of a show, play or besides observing some TV program.

It is very normal to have blended reaction over it as some might want to differ though some others would emphatically advocate for it. However, a genuine yes comes just when we experience an actual existence turning involvement in the post impact of a show, play or some TV program.

The 4 Greatest Team Rivalries in Soccer History

Soccer is one of the greatest sports on the planet. Most people would go so far as to state it is The Best. Period. It is a sport that inspires great passion in its fans and brings communities together in a way that not many other sports can. And every few years we watch as the world is put into the grip of World Cup fever.

And the sport is only as great as its player. And soccer has a rich history of some of the most fantastic teams and incredible players. Coming from all walks of life, it is truly one of the most diverse and interesting sports around.

Soccer fever has literally consumed entire nations. Soccer players spend their time hanging with celebrities. Stores are filled to the brim with great soccer brands and huge companies line up to sponsor teams just to have their name on the pitch.

But with great teams and players come great rivalries. It is only natural for the top dogs of the sporting world to get overly competitive as they battle it out. So we are going to break down the 4 Greatest Team Rivalries in Soccer History.


Liverpool Vs Manchester

Our first stop is actually across the pond in England. The north of England to be exact. If you have ever seen the stereotypical soccer hooligan image, it originated from here. You would be hard-pressed to find two cities with more love and passion for the sport of soccer or football as it is actually called.

Both these cities’ teams are often top of their game. They have a massive collection of trophies between them and when it comes to the final it isn’t unusual to see these two giants facing off against each other.

And the rivalry doesn’t just stop at the pitch. The cities themself have a friendly rivalry as well. Both are close by each other and often argue over which city is really the capital of the north. But, with Liverpool having won the Euro League and the Premier League recently, the argument may have been decided.


France Vs Germany

We are moving now to the World Cup Stage and looking at a bitter rivalry. France Vs Germany has been a massive rivalry in the football world for years. These two teams have faced each other more times in the world cup than any country pairing. And for good reason.

Both teams are powerhouses. Often burning through the qualifiers with such ease, it is pure luck after that they keep coming up against each other. A true testament to the skill of these teams is the fact that the last two world cups have been won by Germany and France respectively.

The rivalry also hides some long-held issues between the countries themself. Everyone is aware of the patchy history these nations have with each other. At least the football pitch is a good place to settle the score.


Brazil Vs Porto Alegre

Brazil is famous for its soccer. It is definitely the country that makes the sport look sexiest. Home to some of the best players on the planet, Brazil is not an easy team to face off against. Which is why their rival has to be a team that can really bring it.

Their rivalry isn’t some massive nation though. It is the city of Porto Alegre. A small, humble city with a team so killer it can stand against one of the world’s greatest.

Their rivalry is not a small one either. The entire nation of Brazil sits on tenterhooks during the matches. The turnout for these matches is greater than any other match bar the World cup matches.

But these two teams are also fiercely sportsmanlike. Neither ever sling mud nor plays dirty. They are true gentlemen leaving their grudges on the pitch. And the same can be said for the residents of Brazil and port Alegre. The small city frequently hosts many Brazillian tourists and vise versa.


Portsmouth Vs Southampton

In the south of England, you are treated to fantastic beaches, seaside living, fish and chips, and an easy ferry ride across the channel. And you will also find one of the most bitter rivalries in football history.

Portsmouth and Southampton are two city rivals that will compete in everything, with no love-loss either. Both fiercely loyal to their teams, there have been numerous issues of public vandalism and brutality from the football hooligans associated with these teams. And with Portsmouth being a navy city, it has some burly fans as well backing it.

But when it comes to playing, the fans are happy to come together and simply enjoy the sport they all love and cherish. The issue is when the game ends the fighting begins.

Why Outdoor Theater is the Way Forward for Live Performance

Going to the theatre is an enriching experience; from watching stories unfold, to riveting performances, feeling the emotions of brilliant performers, theatre is something everyone needs to experience. But there’s one thing that could improve live performances, and it’s having site-specific locations for the theatre to take place.


The Magic Of Outdoors!

Imagine it! Watching a Peter Pan pantomime in a forest, or on the beach. Audiences can experience an almost real-life set up of what the Lost Boys’ hideaway might look like. Or, watching Peter Pan and the Lost Boys battle Captain Hook and his crew on a real beach, or perhaps even a real ship.


Apart from having some of the magic of performance realized with genuine sets, it also enhances the performer’s abilities to bring to life their characters. The more real the set, props, and costumes are, the more easily performers are able to become the characters they play. This makes the entire performance more enjoyable for both performers and audiences.



Audiences may even be asked to participate and given a digital myoutdoorgearguide that corresponds to the plays they’re watching. This could be anything from maps to find out where you’ll see the performance take place, items to give to performers to activate scenes – there’s nothing that an outdoor performance can’t make more enjoyable or immersive for audiences.


Another great thing about having performances outdoors is the larger possibility for promenade performances. Promenade stages are stages where audiences must walk for the performance to happen. This could be per scene, where you’re asked to move to and from certain locations to experience the action, or, you could be asked to walk the entire play!


This is why outdoor theatre is the way forward for live performance. All the new possibilities that were impossible to achieve because of the containment of a stage. All the new ways to realize old plays. New ways to engage audiences. It’s the future of the theatre.

The Importance of Costumes In Live Theater

Costume, to the theater of naturalism, is integral to a great performance. A costume can do many things; create character and personality, convey time period, and express social status and class among much, much more. Costume is a language, and they’re just as important as the script.


More Than Clothes

Costume isn’t just made up of clothing, either. While costume has its own department, creating a character’s look and identity is the responsibility of hair and makeup, props, and costume departments together. The Queen of Hearts would be nothing without the character’s iconic crimson hair and powdered-white face. They are integral parts of her character and are part of making her the stoic, cold, and flamboyant person she is, just as much as it’s the performer’s job to do so. Costume brings live theater to life.


As described above, one of the most important aspects of costume is to create character, and not just for the reasons you might think.


Character is for as much for the performer as it is the audience when it comes to naturalistic theater. An integral part of a naturalistic performance is the performer’s ability to empathize with their character. To be great performers in naturalism, performers need to understand a character’s motivations; what made them make the choices that led them to the action taking place on stage; what drives them to make the choices they do during the performance. One of the main ways performers do this is through costume. Costume is a way of embodying a character, and with naturalism, becoming the character is very important. Costume allows performers to physically embody their character, find their mannerisms, live in the clothes that their character does, and find the way they move, all using costume.

Costume is more than just a show for audiences, it helps naturalistic performers deliver convincing performances.


For the Crowd

Having said all of that, costume is just as important for audiences. Just as costume helps performers bring to life characters for themselves, costume also allows visual characterization for audiences.


If one was to take away the costumes of all the characters in a live performance of Alice in Wonderland and replaced them with plain clothes, it would leave audiences with a Mad Hatter without daring clothes and, well, a hat; a nervous rabbit being played by a person hopping about; a caterpillar that’s just a person writhing about on stage; and an army of playing cards, which is actually just an army. Without costumes, the fantasy is taken away from a performance, and while many actors are great enough to convey character without costume, it’s not the same to see Alice without her characteristic blonde locks, like those provided by newigstyle. And wigs are just as much the character as clothes are.


Another, more minor, reason as to why costume is so important for live performance is, in part, to convey time period.


In an era related performance, the costume is so important in conveying time. For example, a live performance of Marry Poppins would make little sense without time relevant costumes. It’s all well and good singing about cleaning chimneys when many houses today don’t have them. Having a chimney brush, soot-covered clothes, and a sooty face is all part of creating a real live performance and making sense while doing so.


Whether it’s to help performers truly embody their characters during a live performance, to help with understanding their character and their actions, to really embody their life; to immersing an audience in the naturalistic world performance is trying to create, making characters really seem alive on stage; or to help with nuances such as time and helping to make a performance make sense, the costume is so important to live theater.

The Best Aquariums to Visit Around the World

A staple day out for people across the world, very little can top the excitement of deciding to take a day trip to the aquarium. With the chance to see any number of beautiful aquatic animals from as safe a distance as you can expect unless you’re planning on taking a direct trip to the ocean. Nowhere else can you get such a breadth of knowledge about what lives in our oceans. From the majesty and fascination of the tiniest seahorse, all the way to the most fearsome and deadly predator of the ocean – sharks, there is sure to be something for everyone in an aquarium.

As you can imagine, with such enormous tanks, they often also require some pretty hefty filters to ensure the best quality living environment for the fish. You may be surprised to find out that these filters aren’t all that expensive when you consider the size of the space they help to keep clean. Sites like advertise sort of tanks that these aquariums would be working with. If you’re not wanting to travel across the world then why not consider having your own mini aquarium at home. With enough research, you may even find it’s more affordable thank you initially imagined. However, if you’re wanting to expand your knowledge and perhaps explore some aquariums that exist around the world, here’s our list of some of the best aquariums you can visit.


Chimelong Ocean Kingdom – Peoples Republic of China

If you’re looking for the best aquarium experience, why not start with the biggest aquarium in the world. With some of the largest facilities in the world, this aquarium not only offers the chance to watch performances from sea lions, otters, and dolphins but also gives you the chance to view one of the largest sea mammals on this earth up close, the whale shark. Not only that but the aquarium also features a nautical-themed theme park with a number of rides and attractions. You’re sure to find something for everyone at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. This aquarium not only offers up a massive variety of sea creatures to see but also doubles up as a fantastic day out for all the family. These experiences are something you’ll struggle to find anywhere else, especially all under one roof.


Shedd Aquarium – Chicago, United States

If you’re looking for more of old-school aquarium experience, then why not visit one of the oldest aquariums in the world. Established almost 10 years before WWII, the Shedd Aquarium has been the home for a wide variety of sea creatures for generations. A great, family-friendly day out, Shedd Aquarium offers up a variety of attractions. From a chance to feed and learn about and even feed everyone’s favorite wobbly frozen birds to the opportunity to learn about the story of one of the most unbelievable and heartfelt rescues of their beloved Nickel, the turtle with a heart of gold. The aquarium also offers up an excellent audio tour of the aquarium for those who are seeking a more immersive aquarium experience.


Oceanogràfic – Valencia, Spain

For our European entry, we simply had to include the Oceanogràfic aquarium in Spain. Not only is it also full of a magnificent number of sea creatures from across the globe such as a massive collection of hundreds of sharks, but if you’re looking for one of the most immersive aquarium experiences, it is also home to the largest underwater tunnel in continental Europe where you are free to walk amongst some of the most magnificent sea creatures. There are also a number of other attractions that make Oceanogràfic a must-include on our list, from their beautiful live performances to shows by their very own dolphin performers.

Is Secret Theater the Next Step in Stage Performance?

What is Secret Theatre? Performances with hidden locations? Performances kept so quiet it has an audience of only ten? Theatre where you only know what you’re watching once it begins? Sadly, it’s none of the above. But, the reality is just as riveting. Secret Theatre is immersive performances where you, the audience, become part of the show. This is much more different than standard theatre where there are clear boundaries between performers and audiences. With Secret Theatre, you have no idea what role you will have, or how you’ll be used in the show. This is what’s making Secret Theatre one future of stage performance.


A Game Changer

The biggest reason Secret Theatre is up and coming in stage performance is this: the audience is no longer an audience. With almost every kind of theatre, the audience sits and watches a performance unfold, but with Secret Theatre, the lines between performer and audience are blurred. This takes live performance from something akin to TV to an active experience. What’s all the more, the creators of Secret Theatre don’t only make the performance immersive; anything from the purchasing of tickets to arriving at the venue can be made part of the Secret Theatre experience. Now doesn’t that sound better than an evening with the TV?


One of the more understated positives of Secret Theatre is how you can become a piece of the story. If for nothing else, try Secret Theatre for the simple pleasure of becoming part of an unfurling narrative. It’s almost like a game; a murder mystery performance suddenly becomes a live game of Cluedo – and just like the game, you are a part of the story, and you won’t know who did it until you get involved. Secret Theatre has the ability to transform the way stage performances work – it can make performances more accessible by adding audience members directly into the narrative; stage plays can be adapted to fit any type audience, be it adapting Shakespeare so students can actively learn about Romeo and Juliet, or be it subtle changes, where instead of a separate stage, the performance takes place within the audience. With Secret Theatre, you may never know what to expect. A murder-mystery? Bring your besttacticalflashlighttoday to look for clues! A ball at an 1800s aristocratic mansion? Practice your waltz! With Secret Theatre, the possibilities are sky-high.


Countless Possibilities

With all the possibilities of Secret Theatre, there’s all the reason to believe it will soon rival a night at the cinema, eating out or even a traditional night at the theatre.

Nowadays, we all like to be involved in our experiences, immersed even. Secret Theatre allows people to be involved in a new experience and become part of a live story. Secret Theatre could even be compared to video-gaming. Role-playing games are so popular among gamers, and it’s because the player is an integral part of the story. In many games, players must make decisions that influence the game’s outcome. Who’s to say a piece of Secret Theatre doesn’t have multiple outcomes based on the choices of its immersed audience? The future of Secret Theatre has all the potential.


The prospect of Secret Theatre becoming a more mainstream form of entertainment should have you scouring theatre websites near you for the next Secret Theatre performance. From being new and avant-garde, breaking boundaries between performers and audiences, being part of the show, and becoming an active experience, the adaptability and unpredictable nature of Secret Theatre, are just a few of the reasons Secret Theatre could be the next step in stage performance. And if it does, I’ll be buying a ticket in advance so I can get a front-row seat to a new kind of theatre.

How to Open and Run Your Own Theater

New York is the home to many incredible things. Baseball, Hot dogs, insane amounts of standstill traffic; but most precious of all to me is our sparkling and special Broadway. They say you haven’t made it in this game till you have been on Broadway, which is an idea I completely abide. Now, New York has placated the rise of some of Western cinema’s greatest directors. Be it Spike Lee, Woody Allen, or Martin Scorcese, there is something so deeply New Yorkean about all their films. Apart from their shared heritage, there is another thing that links these three men, and that is how they kindled their love of film and performance, which was through the theatre. As young men, their families did not have the money to go to Broadway, so they would go to block productions of some of the most prestigious plays. This passage will aim to breakdown and enlighten you on how you too can join this beautiful expression.


Obtain the Correct Permits


This may not sound too exciting, but first, you must get the right permits from the correct authorities. So, in order to have any business in New York, you will need to have both a local and state license, and a certificate of occupancy, or a CO. Now, though this may not seem particularly exciting you must be notified of the possible repercussions in New York. Firstly, it is highly likely that you will get shut down by the authorities. Your company will also become open to lawsuits, so not only will you be shut down, but up to your eyeballs in lawyer fees. So, though it may seem boring please please please invest in the proper permits.


Build a Good Reputation

Now, this good reputation will not only come from your performance on the stage but your theatre’s performance of it too. Though New York is famous for its rats, try and have your theatre invest in some pest control, be it PositivePest of upstate or a mid-town alternative. Just get the job done. Once your theatre is recognized as a clean and safe environment the customers will start flooding through the doors. A good reputation is something that is priceless for any budding business. It is extremely hard to gain and easy to lose, so please try and stay safe.


Find Your Target Audience

Finally, you must remember that any theatre can show a hundred average plays, but so few can show a dozen good plays. So, as a production company, you need to have a few plays that can truly define you. The pros of this approach are that it leads to your theatre company gaining an identity. If your theatre also produces plays of a similar genre, then you will be able to rehire talent, be it the actors, directors or stage designers. This familiarity with your crew will allow you to place trust in your crew meaning that you will not need to have such a hands-on approach. Familiarity with your audience will also lead to many returning out of loyalty to your production and crew.


I hope that this passage has simplified and inspired you to try and take on the challenge of starting your own theatre company. If you can go through the legal routes and find a loyal customer base your theatre can be a success.

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