The purpose of forum Theatre?

The point of gathering theater is to investigate genuine practice situations such that engages understudies to practice arrangements and change the result of a situation to improve things. It is a type of intuitive dramatization. Augustus Boal (1985) has been generally credited for the arrangement and improvement of discussion theater.

Is Theatre for social change?

Prototyping The Future Society through Theater for Social Change. ... In contrast to other sort of theater, theater for social change is a presentation group to bring issues to light about the effect of social issues through network commitment process.

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Does Theatre Help Us Look Beyond What We See?

Obviously, we for the most part don’t consider it while getting a charge out of a show, play or besides observing some TV program.

It is very normal to have blended reaction over it as some might want to differ though some others would emphatically advocate for it. However, a genuine yes comes just when we experience an actual existence turning involvement in the post impact of a show, play or some TV program.

Seasons of Love: The Best Dating Shows You Need to See

Everyone loves a good dating show, there is something about seeing happy couples meeting on a TV show where things are dramatized to make the situation much more entertaining for the viewers watching on at home. With dating shows having so much success in terms of ratings and securing contacts for the future, it would make sense that many TV providers are bringing out their own version. Each is very different in concept but there are some similarities across the board with social media and some older dating concepts such as the love language quiz being very common occurrences.  

Take Me Out

Take Me Out is hosted by the very popular TV personality Paddy McGuinness and although it is very simple in concept it has seen huge amounts of success that has seen through many seasons over the last few years. Take Me Out brings single women to the show to be introduced to normally four or five single men each episode. The single man must prove why he is worthy of the prize of a date with one of the women in the isle of Fernandos with the women either keeping their light on if they like him and turning it off if they do not.  

Love Island

Love Island is another very popular dating show that combines the influence of social media with the concept of coupling up young single men and women to see if romance can be sparked. This show has been doing very well and has been renewed over multiple seasons and spin-off shows where Love Island is brought to other countries. This show has been so successful partly to its concept but the influence of social media and the attraction of young people has definitely played a part also.  

The Circle

Although The Circle is not exclusively considered a dating show there have been many romantic moments between contestants over the three seasons of the circle that exists. This show is like Love Island in the way that it takes aspects of social media and turns it into a game show where players are competing for a cash reward. The Circle places its contestants into a block of flats where they are isolated from each other and only allowed to communicate between the Circle’s own social media platform. 

First Dates

 The final show on this list is First Dates, this is not a competition show and instead takes a more relaxed approach to the way they set members of the public on in the hope of finding love. First Dates is set in the same restaurant each time and follows nervous members of the public as they take part in a blind date that has been set up by the show. At the end of the date, the pair will decide whether or not they like to see each other again, this show is sometimes funny, sometimes sad and that is why it would have to be one of the best dating shows that is currently on air.  

5 Fantastic Indie-Games that Are Turning Heads

Theatre is one of the most inspiring forms of art, in our opinion. It is a vessel for people to tell powerful stories. To express themselves through acting or dance. To use powerful imagery and symbolism to convey important messages. It can make us laugh. Bring us to tears. And it can inspire people to make serious changes.

But today we want to look at a different art form entirely. One that can encapsulate all the same energy and feeling as a theatre but immortalize it in a digital world. Video games.

Mainstream Vs Art

There is an argument raging in the art community over if Video Games are actually an art. It’s a long-standing debate that has been raging since video games were first created. But there is one huge issue with this argument that both art critics and gamers seem to ignore.

Video games can fall into two categories. In the same way, art can. You can find shops filled with paint-by-number paintings designed only to decorate a house. You can go see pantomimes which is live theatre designed to entertain families and avoids tackling real deep issues or uses artistic vision.

But these mediums are still art. They just aren’t deep-art. And the same can be said for video games. You have your games like Call of Duty or Gears of War. Fantastic games using staggering technology. But they are designed to meet a specific gaming formula and entertain their players. Nothing deeper than that. Then you have the proper art games. Games designed, not by operations, but by individuals. Looking to tell stories or impart a message.

So we are going to present to you nine Indie games that are turning heads in the art world.


Our first one moves less into symbolic art and more into the literal. Raft is a traditional survival game where you have to forage for materials and keep your raft afloat. On the surface, it seems like just another survival indie game. But underneath it, all is a well-hidden and powerful message about the human drive for survival. And how we are, in reality, nothing more than animals on the food chain. If you are lucky enough to get a raft key, we highly recommend you give it a go.

To The Moon

A visual novel more than a game, To The Moon has won numerous awards in both storytelling and game design. It is a masterclass in how to tell a moving and compelling story that will break hearts and make grown people cry. We cannot recommend this game enough. All we will say is play it all in one sitting to experience the full impact.


A game with no objectives. No violence. No danger. Journey is, as the title says, a Journey. You wander through a seemingly endless desert, occasionally coming across specters of other players. Journey is one of those games that asks you to think. To reflect. To use the time you spend wandering through the desert to look inside yourself and ask what really matters to you. It makes you appreciate everything around you because it reminds us it can all be lost in an instant.

Papers Please

This game has become a bit of a meme because of the subject matter. The outlandish accents and manner of speaking paired with the obvious comparisons to a communist regime make people laugh to no end. But this game hides a powerful message. Border issues, refuge crisis. Genocide and government corruption. All of it is on display in a bleak look at how these issues affect people at the most personal level. You are forced to listen to these people beg for their lives and pleading to be let in. Wanting safety and security. Only to be met with rejection and force. An all too stark look at how our world really is.

Binding of Isaac.

This game is not for the faint of heart. You play as Isaac, an aborted child living in some intense hell. While on the surface it seems like nothing more than a grotesque indie game going for shock value, it is actually a deep thesis on religion and abortion. It covers the sins of man, how we are throwing away lives by the dozen, and how irresponsible people can be. But it does all this in a fun and engaging way. It may be putrid and disgusting. But it definitely gets you thinking about some of the bigger issues of life and society.


Even if you aren’t a gamer usually, we cannot recommend these titles enough. Give them a try and, you never know, you might end up being pleasantly surprised.

The Famous Actors That Always did Their own Stunts

Watching an action-packed movie can often leave you sitting on the edge of your seat as you watch in awe of the danger that the characters are facing; whether that’s a high-speed car chase, jumping from a building, or a high-stakes fight. In most cases, the person on screen is a highly trained professional who has dedicated their lives to the adrenaline-filled action. However, sometimes the actor may decide to take on the challenge themselves and do their own stunts. There are a number of actors who do this for every movie they star in, and some have even become renowned for it. This list names just a few who refuse to say no to a scary stunt.


Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has starred in numerous action movies, with each movie having at least a few dangerous stunts where the main character is attempting to do something daring. He has insisted on doing his own stunts since the start of his career, so much so that he has, in fact, become known for it in the industry, aside from being an incredible actor. He’s hung out of a plane, had to stay underwater for over six minutes, and participated in a motorbike chase, to name just a few; it almost makes you wonder if there’s anything he hasn’t done.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, most famously known for starring in The Terminator franchise, is another famous Hollywood actor who insisted on doing his own stunts. Since the start of his career, there has rarely been a time where he hasn’t done the hard stunts himself, even up until recent movies as he hits his seventies. He has in fact become a favorite amongst movie studios who would happily hire him, knowing that they wouldn’t have to also spend money on hiring a stunt double.


Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan not only does his own stunts but is famous for his talent in the martial arts. He has broken bones doing fight scenes and has even worked as a stuntman on films, proving that he is up for the job in his own movies. His skill in martial arts is so impressive that he is likely to make anyone watching desperate to do it too and will have them buying their own gi. However, if Chan does make you want to take up martial arts, make sure to check this size chart for selecting your gi, as they can be notoriously hard to get the fit right.


Gal Gadot

Possibly best known for playing Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot insisted on doing her own stunts in her role as the titular character of both the first movie and the upcoming sequel. In fact, thanks to her dangerous stunts in the sequel, she ended up suffering from a few spinal injuries. She puts her desire to perform her own stunts down to the love of adrenaline, as she also did all of her own terrifying stunts in some of the later Fast & Furious movies.

The Acting Troupe That Turned Their Home into a Thriving Theater

In this new covid world, many different businesses have had to adapt to stay afloat. Offices have implemented working from home, masks are mandatory in a lot of places, and any shops that can sell online have now had to rely on that. But there is one place that was impacted quite hard by the Lockdowns and uncertainty, and that is theatre. It is extremely hard to recreate the feeling of the theatre without actually being there, at what point does the stage become the screen? Even cinemas have been struggling with the restrictions, and there are talks that they might even become obsolete. So what’s next?


Work from Home

As we’ve all come to see, the answer to many covid-related problems are virtual, but for actors of theatre, it’s not so simple. Many can’t meet in groups due to social distancing and mixing of households, and the fact that fewer people will want to (or even be able to) go and see the productions they put on.

But there was one clever couple who figured a way around the restrictions, without breaking them. If they couldn’t go to the stage, then they would bring the stage home – quite literally. The two actors transformed their own home into a make-shift theatre to keep producing shows for devoted fans, and to keep their theatre business alive. They adapted what shows and plays they could into much smaller parts, or put on totally new ones to keep providing their service to the public. Of course, this isn’t going to be the solution for everyone, as it requires time, money, and some digital skill as well, but for the duration of the lockdowns, this is what they did. And not only did this mean that they could continue to create a living, but it also meant that some of those who were unable to attend the theatre was now able to enjoy it. It was a more inclusive environment. It did come with some fallbacks though, such as lack of props, and actors, but they were persistent and devoted to the art, and it paid off. They had many people tuning in to watch their two-man shows.

But changing your home isn’t necessarily the most ideal solution in the long-term, many can’t afford it, and those that can not want to make permanent changes that might affect the value of the property. Although, having people being able to view your home online in such a manner would make for a quick sale of your home – especially if they enjoyed theatre! But an in-home theatre isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so how have other theatres or acting troupes come up with solutions?



For those who had a budget that couldn’t include home improvements (or familial responsibilities), they had to find a different way to adapt to ensure their actors could earn enough to keep going, and this was by streaming their shows. The show could still be acted out but in front of a camera instead of an audience. And they could still sell viewings online for anyone who wanted to see it. This would help anyone who suffered from stage-fright (not likely, but can happen!) and mean that the viewers could have a relaxed night in with their favorite performance. This could only be used as a short-term measure by some to get shows out that had been in preparation for months, but it helped to continue bringing in income for the actors who had worked tirelessly on this performance.

But smaller theatres or productions who couldn’t get this permission had to find yet another way around the new life of covid, and they decided to do something a little more simple. They would create zoom calls where members could tune in to watch the actors do a solo piece, or retell certain stories or monologues instead of a whole play. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those who joined in helped to support the actors who had dedicated years to their art, and the fee was much smaller than that of going out to the theatre. Still a win all round!

An in-home theatre isn’t for everyone, but the actors that went that far certainly set the bar high for what can be achieved with some time and dedication, and what it means to truly have passion and love for your career. All the actors who persevered during this difficult time, and who continue to do so, show what the theatre is all about.

Should All Live Theater Be Live Streamed as Well?

The world has been going through a rough time with the pandemic. COVID has changed our way of life and put a lot of different industries at risk. And one in particular that is suffering is the theatre. It seems a lot of countries are abandoning the arts, and letting live theaters go down the drain.

But during the lockdown, we saw something incredible happen. Hamilton was released on Disney Plus. All the glitz and glamour of a Broadway show from the comfort of your home. But it raised some serious questions about the arts and elitism. And we want to examine that today as we ask, going forward, should all Live Theater be Live Streamed?


Gate Keeping

The magic of theatre is that it happens live. Seeing the character brought to life before our very eyes. Nothing separates us from the action. But there is also a lot of gatekeeping involved here. Theaters try to make themselves accessible for disabled customers, and they have done a good job of it. But even then the numbers that are allowed in for any show are limited. And going to the theatre is expensive for some people.

But despite all this, the theater community seemingly refuses to start putting their shows online, be through recording or live streaming. But why? Let us examine some of the issues the theaters are worried about.


The Worry

The logic is that if all these shows are available online, will people still go to the theater. But this argument falls down the moment you examine it. This infographic by Compactclick shows up that 80% of people who currently attend the theater regularly will still go if the shows were also available online.

In fact, our studies have shown that if these shows were available online, theaters’ income would increase by almost triple what is currently is. The shows could be done on a pay-per-view basis, letting viewers still feel like they are in the theater as they watch it live.



Of course, this does open up these shows to more piracy than currently happens. Before people who wanted to record a show illegally were limited in the quality of it. But if the shows are being presented in a digital format already, it makes their job a lot easier.

But the sad truth of any media is there will always be those who seek to pirate the material. Movies, TV, Music. Theater is no different. But the important thing is to discount those people who are planning to pirate media when making decisions. By fighting agains piracy by restricting access, the only people you are hurting is actual customers.


Should It Be Done

Our opinion is: Yes. We have no idea how long this pandemic will go on for. And if theaters are to survive they need to adapt and change. By moving to a live streaming platform a theater could start putting on shows as soon as tommorow. While they might be performed to an empty theater, they will be packed out by online viewers.

It is also a great way to get people back into theater. If someone has more access to the shows, they could be encouraged to go in person when the oppertunity arises again. In terms of marketing, it is a solid strategy that will bring in hundreds of new customers. Whereas right now the gatekeeping attitude of the arts community is putting people off.

The World’s a Stage: The Greatest Theaters Around the Globe

The art of performance has been loved by humans for thousands of years and there is no wonder why. There is nothing more magical than watching a selection of talented performers play out some of our beloved stories or even a musical number. Before there were TV and streaming, we had no choice but to attend theaters in order to get our entertainment fix, and today people still enjoy a trip to see a show. It is more likely than not that you’ve heard of plenty of famous plays or operas that have been performed in theaters, but do you know about the theaters that hold these performances? Here are the greatest theaters around the globe.


The Globe

It would not be right to not have the Globe at the top of our list. Since opening in 1599 by William Shakespeare, the Globe has held millions of performances that have entertained the people of London, as well as visiting tourists. This theater was considered one of the only forms of entertainment that the people of London had within the 16th century and so it quickly became one of the most popular spots in London. Today the Globe still thrives as a popular tourist spot, but the way in which they perform is much different from when the plays were initially released. If you are somewhat of a Shakespeare buff then you definitely need to give the Globe a visit as you may be able to catch a performance of some of his beloved classic plays.


Sydney Opera House

Aside from housing some of the best performers in the world, the Sydney Opera House is also one of the most architecturally beautiful theaters in the entire world. Even if you are someone that is not a fan of stage performance, it is likely that you will find yourself extremely impressed by the building alone. It is reported that 1.2 million people visit this theater every year in order to enjoy one of many performances held there every year. Are you a fan of opera or plays? Then why not pay the Sydney Opera House a visit during your next holiday to Australia?


St Luke’s Bombed Out Church

This is one of the smaller venues on the list, but due to its interesting history and beautiful interior. The Bombed Out Church is not considered to be exclusively a theater as it houses many events. However, there are still hundreds of performances that take place there every year and so it has become a popular spot for theater fanatics. This landmark also has a rich history that is shown by the condition of the roof. It no longer has a room due to bombing that occurred during the second world war and so it has become a popular location for its unique look. The Bombed Out Church also pays homage to its religious roots and can offer some of the besten geschenke zur jugendweihe für einen jungen within its gift shop.


Odeon of Herodes Atticus

This location can arguably be called one of the birthplaces of theater. Located in Athens, Greece, this theater has been frequented by millions of people for as long as the theater has even existed. Not much has changed about the theater and you can still visit and sit much like many of the Greek citizens would and the fact that the architecture still stands strong is only credit to the fantastic abilities of the Greek laborers. Athens itself is also exceptionally beautiful, so if you are looking for a place to holiday, why not try there.

5 Charities Being Endorsed by Hollywood Celebrities

Charity is one of the noblest endeavors someone can undertake. Our world is rife with those who suffer when we have the means to provide everyone with enough food and water. Yet our societal structure has been organized in such a way that the western world sits in comfort while many other areas suffer.

And one great example of this is Hollywood. A beacon of the rich and powerful. But it isn’t without its charitable individuals. In fact, Hollywood celebs are some of the most charitable people on the planet. So we are going to look at 5 fantastic charities that are being endorsed by Hollywood Celebrities.


AIDS Foundation

The AIDS foundation is one of the most popular and important charities of the twentieth century. You can find their logo on everything from hats to custom wristbands. Many people suffer from AIDS and there is still no definitive cure. But it is not for lack of trying. And this foundation has one of the world’s biggest stars endorsing it. Elton John.

The everglade singer and household name, Elton is a huge advocate for this cause, having donated millions of dollars and constantly working alongside them to host charity gigs, concerts and often meets with those suffering from the virus. He has always been vocal about his support for this charity.


Save the Children

You will be hard-pressed to find a more important charity than Save the Children. No one is more innocent than a child and it is heartbreaking to know what some children go through in some areas of the world. That is why Save the Children has some of the most illustrious celebrity endorses of any charity. I can’t name all of them due to the sheer amount, but some of note include Justin Beiber, Kayne West, and Al Pacino. All huge names in their respective field and some of the richest celebs in Hollywood.



Oxfam has been trying to put in a dent in poverty for many years now. And their endeavors have been very successful in helping those most affected around the globe. And it is no wonder considering just how many celebrity endorsers they have. Big names such as John Legend and Keira Knightley are constantly working with Oxfam to try to improve the lives of those less fortunate. It seems every year a new wave of Hollywood celebrities join the charity, making it one of the most endorsed charities in the world.


Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity spends their efforts building and rebuilding homes across the globe for those that need them most. They spend a lot of time investing in smaller communities and turning run-down villages into fully functioning havens with working water, clean living spaces, and community centers. And it is also one of the more endorsed charities in Hollywood, with a lot of the celebs going as far as to travel abroad and build homes themself. Celebrities such as Calvin Klein, Miley Cyrus, and even America’s current First Lady Ivanka Trump.



A charity created and run by the United Nations, it is designed to help alleviate suffering in war-torn areas and mainly focuses on aiding refugees in every step of the refugee process. The topic of immigration and refugees is a hotly contested one in many countries. Members of the UN have a quota of refugees that they have to take in as part of their membership agreement. And UNHCR has some significant backers such as Mick Jagger and former CEO of Apple Tim Cook. Along with a slew of other celebrities, it is a charity that receives a lot of attention from some powerful people.

How to Open and Run Your Own Theater

New York is the home to many incredible things. Baseball, Hot dogs, insane amounts of standstill traffic; but most precious of all to me is our sparkling and special Broadway. They say you haven’t made it in this game till you have been on Broadway, which is an idea I completely abide. Now, New York has placated the rise of some of Western cinema’s greatest directors. Be it Spike Lee, Woody Allen, or Martin Scorcese, there is something so deeply New Yorkean about all their films. Apart from their shared heritage, there is another thing that links these three men, and that is how they kindled their love of film and performance, which was through the theatre. As young men, their families did not have the money to go to Broadway, so they would go to block productions of some of the most prestigious plays. This passage will aim to breakdown and enlighten you on how you too can join this beautiful expression.


Obtain the Correct Permits


This may not sound too exciting, but first, you must get the right permits from the correct authorities. So, in order to have any business in New York, you will need to have both a local and state license, and a certificate of occupancy, or a CO. Now, though this may not seem particularly exciting you must be notified of the possible repercussions in New York. Firstly, it is highly likely that you will get shut down by the authorities. Your company will also become open to lawsuits, so not only will you be shut down, but up to your eyeballs in lawyer fees. So, though it may seem boring please please please invest in the proper permits.


Build a Good Reputation

Now, this good reputation will not only come from your performance on the stage but your theatre’s performance of it too. Though New York is famous for its rats, try and have your theatre invest in some pest control, be it PositivePest of upstate or a mid-town alternative. Just get the job done. Once your theatre is recognized as a clean and safe environment the customers will start flooding through the doors. A good reputation is something that is priceless for any budding business. It is extremely hard to gain and easy to lose, so please try and stay safe.


Find Your Target Audience

Finally, you must remember that any theatre can show a hundred average plays, but so few can show a dozen good plays. So, as a production company, you need to have a few plays that can truly define you. The pros of this approach are that it leads to your theatre company gaining an identity. If your theatre also produces plays of a similar genre, then you will be able to rehire talent, be it the actors, directors or stage designers. This familiarity with your crew will allow you to place trust in your crew meaning that you will not need to have such a hands-on approach. Familiarity with your audience will also lead to many returning out of loyalty to your production and crew.


I hope that this passage has simplified and inspired you to try and take on the challenge of starting your own theatre company. If you can go through the legal routes and find a loyal customer base your theatre can be a success.

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