5 Charities Being Endorsed by Hollywood Celebrities

Charity is one of the noblest endeavors someone can undertake. Our world is rife with those who suffer when we have the means to provide everyone with enough food and water. Yet our societal structure has been organized in such a way that the western world sits in comfort while many other areas suffer.

And one great example of this is Hollywood. A beacon of the rich and powerful. But it isn’t without its charitable individuals. In fact, Hollywood celebs are some of the most charitable people on the planet. So we are going to look at 5 fantastic charities that are being endorsed by Hollywood Celebrities.


AIDS Foundation

The AIDS foundation is one of the most popular and important charities of the twentieth century. You can find their logo on everything from hats to custom wristbands. Many people suffer from AIDS and there is still no definitive cure. But it is not for lack of trying. And this foundation has one of the world’s biggest stars endorsing it. Elton John.

The everglade singer and household name, Elton is a huge advocate for this cause, having donated millions of dollars and constantly working alongside them to host charity gigs, concerts and often meets with those suffering from the virus. He has always been vocal about his support for this charity.


Save the Children

You will be hard-pressed to find a more important charity than Save the Children. No one is more innocent than a child and it is heartbreaking to know what some children go through in some areas of the world. That is why Save the Children has some of the most illustrious celebrity endorses of any charity. I can’t name all of them due to the sheer amount, but some of note include Justin Beiber, Kayne West, and Al Pacino. All huge names in their respective field and some of the richest celebs in Hollywood.



Oxfam has been trying to put in a dent in poverty for many years now. And their endeavors have been very successful in helping those most affected around the globe. And it is no wonder considering just how many celebrity endorsers they have. Big names such as John Legend and Keira Knightley are constantly working with Oxfam to try to improve the lives of those less fortunate. It seems every year a new wave of Hollywood celebrities join the charity, making it one of the most endorsed charities in the world.


Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity spends their efforts building and rebuilding homes across the globe for those that need them most. They spend a lot of time investing in smaller communities and turning run-down villages into fully functioning havens with working water, clean living spaces, and community centers. And it is also one of the more endorsed charities in Hollywood, with a lot of the celebs going as far as to travel abroad and build homes themself. Celebrities such as Calvin Klein, Miley Cyrus, and even America’s current First Lady Ivanka Trump.



A charity created and run by the United Nations, it is designed to help alleviate suffering in war-torn areas and mainly focuses on aiding refugees in every step of the refugee process. The topic of immigration and refugees is a hotly contested one in many countries. Members of the UN have a quota of refugees that they have to take in as part of their membership agreement. And UNHCR has some significant backers such as Mick Jagger and former CEO of Apple Tim Cook. Along with a slew of other celebrities, it is a charity that receives a lot of attention from some powerful people.