All the Celebrities now Endorsing CBD Stores

The legalization of cannabis use in many different parts of the world has brought about many changes in attitudes towards the use of products of this nature including CBD. A common misconception around CBD is that it will leave you feeling “high” as the products come from the same plant as marijuana. There is a big distinction between cannabis and CBD and CBD products do not actually generate this feeling. CBD products are great for relieving pain or creating a feeling of relaxation which is great for chronic pain sufferers or those who experience anxiety.  

Many people are afraid of using these products labeling them in the same category as recreational drugs when this simply shouldn’t be the case, CBD is considered by professionals in the same regard as a health supplement and it can be taken in many different ways to suit any lifestyle or preference. With CBD losing its stigma and many people choose to add the very beneficial product into their lives we have seen many different celebrities open up about their use of CBD and how it can really help change your life for the better.  

Should you Consider Using CBD products?

As mentioned previously it is easy to attach CBD to the same attitude of recreational drug use, depending on your stance you may be wary about trying CBD out of worry of it leading to stronger things. This is not a worry you should have because CBD is very mild in its effect on the body and is used to help treat feelings of anxiety or chronic pain. If you are someone who suffers from a condition that is brought about by stress then CBD could be just what you need to help you relax, this could also help with things like getting a better quality night’s sleep or relieving deep muscle pain that can not be treated with standard medication.  

As we see more celebrities and public figures endorsing Cbd use and informing their followers about where to find CBD products that can be trusted, hopefully, the general attitudes towards using these CBD treatments will change to be more accepting and open to trying something new to hopefully make your life more enjoyable. If you are looking for CBD products in your area then you will find the most affordable and high-quality options online or vous pouvez trouver de l’huile de CBD ici. 

Kimmy Tan

Kimmy Tan is a very well-known influencer and tattoo artist in the Los Angeles region, she is probably most known for her Youtube platform where she endorses marijuana use and makes many interesting and informative videos about the benefits of using these products to help lead a healthier lifestyle. Kimmy also recently did a number of posts about CBD use where she provided many different links to her favorite CBD retailers which are actually very useful especially for those of you that have not tried these products before.  

Seth Rogan

Like Kimmy, Seth Rogan is another very well-liked celebrity and actor who is also a big lover of marijuana, he can be found on a number of different online platforms where he creates content about starting out in using recreational marijuana and CBD to help relieve anxiety. He recently starred in a youtube video where he not only explains the difference between using marijuana and CBD as well as going through the many different forms that CBD comes in and how to use them correctly. This would be an excellent watch for someone who is not sure of where to get CBD products as well as to learn which type of product suits you the best.  



Trixie Mattel

The final celebrity on this list who recently opened about their use of marijuana and CBD in their lives would be Trixie Mattel, this top Drag Queen sensation has done numerous posts supporting small CBD vendors in the LA region. In a recent episode on her podcast, Trixie opened up about using marijuana and CBD edibles to help with getting a higher quality of sleep. As more celebrities speak out about the benefits of using CBD within everyday life hopefully more people will be more inclined to give them a try.