Examining How TikTok Stars have been Spending their Cash

I think it is safe to say that the new social media platform Tik Tok has been very successful since its release, Tik Tok culture has become a very common thing with many people branching out to share entertaining clips of themselves on the widely used platform. Tik Tok has developed to the point that many of the most followed stars who are regularly posting are making a significant income surpassing the minimum wage that is given on any other social media platforms.  

The great thing about Tik Tok is that it can be done anywhere by anyone, it makes total sense that the top corporations would start offering brand partnerships and deals with the top Tik Tok influencers as it is being used by so many people all over the world.  

How Tik Tok Stars Make so Much Money

Although Tik Tok is admittedly doing very well since its release almost four years ago now, many people are left wondering how it is that so many influencers on the platform are able to make a livable wage simply by posting short video clips. One of the biggest ways that people have been able to make money on Tik Tok is by offering advertising services to different brands by sharing products and reviewing them within their content and posts. Brand partnerships within social media are not a new thing and the number of people that can be reached by a few posts by a highly followed account can bring so many new customers to a brand.  

A notable brand partnership that surprised many people was a top cleaning company maid bunch, their funny cleaning videos advertising maid bunch cleaning services and the quality of cleaning that they provide really helped improve their business and secured multiple extra cleaning contracts.

Tik Tok Challenges

 Many Tik Tok influencers have stated that a lot of their income goes back into their future videos and content, some stars take it even further by investing a significant portion of their earnings on lavish Tik Tok challenges and expensive studios and sets for creating new videos. What may seem stupid to the average person is actually a very smart idea, in order to remain relevant on Tik Tok you have to keep the views and like ratings up, one effective way to do this is to splash out on extreme luxury items or setting up crazy challenges to keep the viewers interested. If this pays off you will make more and more money back from what you spend whilst ensuring that you do not decline in popularity and can secure a career for the future.  

Tik Tok Houses

A final way that tik Tok stars are spending their cash is within the Tik Tok houses that have started popping up on the platform, from what can be seen online a Tik Tok house is comprised of groups of popular Tik Tok influencers moving into lavish accommodations together and making collaborative videos together. These houses have sometimes made their own house accounts to pursue their career further and bring in another income on top of what they make for their personal accounts. Tik Tok houses are home to some of the most successful and wealthy influencers to be on the platform, and they are not afraid of hiding the fact that they have access to some of the most luxurious goods money can buy as they show it off on their feed on an almost daily basis, their extreme videos, however, keep reeling in the viewer so, for now, it seems that they are not going anywhere anytime soon.