How to Make the Most of Your Next Tourism Holiday

Are you on a holiday? Do you want to make the most of it and ensure you’re having fun?

Well, there are many things that you can do to make the most of your tourism holiday. It is important to plan your trip to ensure you can do all the fun things.

Here are ways to make sure you can make the most of your next tourism holiday!

What are fun things to do during a tourism holiday?

How to Make the Most of Your Next Tourism Holiday

Walking Tours

A walking tour is a great way to get a feel for a city, especially if it’s a small one. It’s always nice to go on a walking tour when you first arrive in a new place so you know your way around.

It’s also a great way to meet fellow travelers and learn from your tour guide (most likely a local!).

Several companies offer FREE walking tours (it’s recommended to tip the guide after the tour ends).

Look at the company websites to find out if you need to reserve a spot or if you can just show up.

Tip: Some tours are language-specific, so be sure to choose the right one!

Segway Tours

A Segway ride is both an activity and a tour as it offers an alternate view of a city (and a faster one).

Segway tours are a great activity choice for adults of all ages (check the minimum age requirement before booking).

There are typically options for either a downtown or neighborhood ride.

These tours are available in many different cities, so if you are looking for a “theme” for your vacations, give this a try!

Bus Tours

Bus tours are a great way to begin a trip (especially in big cities), and some consider them “too touristy.”

Everyone loves them because they provide a broad overview of the layout and major sites of the city.

As well as getting you to faraway attractions, these bus tours can also be used as transportation. Buy tickets online in advance or in person at a local tourist office or at a bus stop.

Take advantage of the smartphone apps that many companies now offer to track bus locations and easily map out stops.

Food Trip

Fun and food? We’re in!

Consider taking a cooking class or joining a food tour instead of eating another meal at a restaurant for a local foodie experience.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Lisbon, Portugal, cooking classes are offered in the chef’s home, which can give you a local perspective.

A food tour typically includes a walking tour of local eateries, so you can get two activities for the price of one!

Join the Locals

Getting out of your comfort zone is important, but it is also great to experience your local favorites.

Let’s say you love chocolate (don’t we all?)…find a chocolate shop at your destination and compare their offerings with your own.

What about tea or coffee? A beer or wine? You’ll likely find plenty of local coffee and tea shops, wineries, distilleries, or breweries (like this ultimate guide to breweries in Charleston, SC) in almost every destination on your list.

You can also pick up a souvenir or gift while you’re there by checking for samples or related tour offerings.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

It’s time to discover how the air feels in different places all over the world!

Ride a bike (or take an e-bike tour), have a picnic in a local park, paddle a kayak or sail on a schooner from a local harbor, go hiking in a state park, swim in a hot spring (even in cold weather), or sunbathe by the sea.

If you’re traveling with children, stop at the local playground to break up the day.

Remember to pack a swimsuit and appropriate footwear for these outdoor adventures.

Day Trips

A day trip can really make your vacation!

Take advantage of the surrounding areas that show off the region in a way that a big city cannot.

There are always hidden gems close to where you stay, likely not more than a few hours away.

You can usually take a bus, train, off-road vehicle, or take public transportation to get to these nearby day trip destinations.

Alternatively, you can purchase a tour that includes transportation.

Airport Layover City Visits

Layovers can be dreaded, but they can also be a way to add some excitement to your journey to your final destination.

Depending on your flight path, your layover airport may offer sightseeing tours of the nearest city (usually with a 4+ hour layover).

Alternatively, if you have a 4-hour layover anyway, why not make it 10 and see more than one attraction?

Plan your time accordingly, since you’ll need to re-enter airport security.


As you can see, there are many fun things you can enjoy while on a tourism holiday.

It is a good idea to research your destination to find the best activities to do and to organize your time for it.

Also, there are various choices for holiday destinations in the world. Check out this review of Contiki to see what’s in it for you.

In addition, planning your tourism holiday is important because it will allow you to organize your time better and to ensure you can get to do all the fun things.


Have fun and enjoy your tourism holiday!