Is Secret Theater the Next Step in Stage Performance?

What is Secret Theatre? Performances with hidden locations? Performances kept so quiet it has an audience of only ten? Theatre where you only know what you’re watching once it begins? Sadly, it’s none of the above. But, the reality is just as riveting. Secret Theatre is immersive performances where you, the audience, become part of the show. This is much more different than standard theatre where there are clear boundaries between performers and audiences. With Secret Theatre, you have no idea what role you will have, or how you’ll be used in the show. This is what’s making Secret Theatre one future of stage performance.


A Game Changer

The biggest reason Secret Theatre is up and coming in stage performance is this: the audience is no longer an audience. With almost every kind of theatre, the audience sits and watches a performance unfold, but with Secret Theatre, the lines between performer and audience are blurred. This takes live performance from something akin to TV to an active experience. What’s all the more, the creators of Secret Theatre don’t only make the performance immersive; anything from the purchasing of tickets to arriving at the venue can be made part of the Secret Theatre experience. Now doesn’t that sound better than an evening with the TV?


One of the more understated positives of Secret Theatre is how you can become a piece of the story. If for nothing else, try Secret Theatre for the simple pleasure of becoming part of an unfurling narrative. It’s almost like a game; a murder mystery performance suddenly becomes a live game of Cluedo – and just like the game, you are a part of the story, and you won’t know who did it until you get involved. Secret Theatre has the ability to transform the way stage performances work – it can make performances more accessible by adding audience members directly into the narrative; stage plays can be adapted to fit any type audience, be it adapting Shakespeare so students can actively learn about Romeo and Juliet, or be it subtle changes, where instead of a separate stage, the performance takes place within the audience. With Secret Theatre, you may never know what to expect. A murder-mystery? Bring your besttacticalflashlighttoday to look for clues! A ball at an 1800s aristocratic mansion? Practice your waltz! With Secret Theatre, the possibilities are sky-high.


Countless Possibilities

With all the possibilities of Secret Theatre, there’s all the reason to believe it will soon rival a night at the cinema, eating out or even a traditional night at the theatre.

Nowadays, we all like to be involved in our experiences, immersed even. Secret Theatre allows people to be involved in a new experience and become part of a live story. Secret Theatre could even be compared to video-gaming. Role-playing games are so popular among gamers, and it’s because the player is an integral part of the story. In many games, players must make decisions that influence the game’s outcome. Who’s to say a piece of Secret Theatre doesn’t have multiple outcomes based on the choices of its immersed audience? The future of Secret Theatre has all the potential.


The prospect of Secret Theatre becoming a more mainstream form of entertainment should have you scouring theatre websites near you for the next Secret Theatre performance. From being new and avant-garde, breaking boundaries between performers and audiences, being part of the show, and becoming an active experience, the adaptability and unpredictable nature of Secret Theatre, are just a few of the reasons Secret Theatre could be the next step in stage performance. And if it does, I’ll be buying a ticket in advance so I can get a front-row seat to a new kind of theatre.