Seasons of Love: The Best Dating Shows You Need to See

Everyone loves a good dating show, there is something about seeing happy couples meeting on a TV show where things are dramatized to make the situation much more entertaining for the viewers watching on at home. With dating shows having so much success in terms of ratings and securing contacts for the future, it would make sense that many TV providers are bringing out their own version. Each is very different in concept but there are some similarities across the board with social media and some older dating concepts such as the love language quiz being very common occurrences.  

Take Me Out

Take Me Out is hosted by the very popular TV personality Paddy McGuinness and although it is very simple in concept it has seen huge amounts of success that has seen through many seasons over the last few years. Take Me Out brings single women to the show to be introduced to normally four or five single men each episode. The single man must prove why he is worthy of the prize of a date with one of the women in the isle of Fernandos with the women either keeping their light on if they like him and turning it off if they do not.  

Love Island

Love Island is another very popular dating show that combines the influence of social media with the concept of coupling up young single men and women to see if romance can be sparked. This show has been doing very well and has been renewed over multiple seasons and spin-off shows where Love Island is brought to other countries. This show has been so successful partly to its concept but the influence of social media and the attraction of young people has definitely played a part also.  

The Circle

Although The Circle is not exclusively considered a dating show there have been many romantic moments between contestants over the three seasons of the circle that exists. This show is like Love Island in the way that it takes aspects of social media and turns it into a game show where players are competing for a cash reward. The Circle places its contestants into a block of flats where they are isolated from each other and only allowed to communicate between the Circle’s own social media platform. 

First Dates

 The final show on this list is First Dates, this is not a competition show and instead takes a more relaxed approach to the way they set members of the public on in the hope of finding love. First Dates is set in the same restaurant each time and follows nervous members of the public as they take part in a blind date that has been set up by the show. At the end of the date, the pair will decide whether or not they like to see each other again, this show is sometimes funny, sometimes sad and that is why it would have to be one of the best dating shows that is currently on air.