The 4 Greatest Team Rivalries in Soccer History

Soccer is one of the greatest sports on the planet. Most people would go so far as to state it is The Best. Period. It is a sport that inspires great passion in its fans and brings communities together in a way that not many other sports can. And every few years we watch as the world is put into the grip of World Cup fever.

And the sport is only as great as its player. And soccer has a rich history of some of the most fantastic teams and incredible players. Coming from all walks of life, it is truly one of the most diverse and interesting sports around.

Soccer fever has literally consumed entire nations. Soccer players spend their time hanging with celebrities. Stores are filled to the brim with great soccer brands and huge companies line up to sponsor teams just to have their name on the pitch.

But with great teams and players come great rivalries. It is only natural for the top dogs of the sporting world to get overly competitive as they battle it out. So we are going to break down the 4 Greatest Team Rivalries in Soccer History.


Liverpool Vs Manchester

Our first stop is actually across the pond in England. The north of England to be exact. If you have ever seen the stereotypical soccer hooligan image, it originated from here. You would be hard-pressed to find two cities with more love and passion for the sport of soccer or football as it is actually called.

Both these cities’ teams are often top of their game. They have a massive collection of trophies between them and when it comes to the final it isn’t unusual to see these two giants facing off against each other.

And the rivalry doesn’t just stop at the pitch. The cities themself have a friendly rivalry as well. Both are close by each other and often argue over which city is really the capital of the north. But, with Liverpool having won the Euro League and the Premier League recently, the argument may have been decided.


France Vs Germany

We are moving now to the World Cup Stage and looking at a bitter rivalry. France Vs Germany has been a massive rivalry in the football world for years. These two teams have faced each other more times in the world cup than any country pairing. And for good reason.

Both teams are powerhouses. Often burning through the qualifiers with such ease, it is pure luck after that they keep coming up against each other. A true testament to the skill of these teams is the fact that the last two world cups have been won by Germany and France respectively.

The rivalry also hides some long-held issues between the countries themself. Everyone is aware of the patchy history these nations have with each other. At least the football pitch is a good place to settle the score.


Brazil Vs Porto Alegre

Brazil is famous for its soccer. It is definitely the country that makes the sport look sexiest. Home to some of the best players on the planet, Brazil is not an easy team to face off against. Which is why their rival has to be a team that can really bring it.

Their rivalry isn’t some massive nation though. It is the city of Porto Alegre. A small, humble city with a team so killer it can stand against one of the world’s greatest.

Their rivalry is not a small one either. The entire nation of Brazil sits on tenterhooks during the matches. The turnout for these matches is greater than any other match bar the World cup matches.

But these two teams are also fiercely sportsmanlike. Neither ever sling mud nor plays dirty. They are true gentlemen leaving their grudges on the pitch. And the same can be said for the residents of Brazil and port Alegre. The small city frequently hosts many Brazillian tourists and vise versa.


Portsmouth Vs Southampton

In the south of England, you are treated to fantastic beaches, seaside living, fish and chips, and an easy ferry ride across the channel. And you will also find one of the most bitter rivalries in football history.

Portsmouth and Southampton are two city rivals that will compete in everything, with no love-loss either. Both fiercely loyal to their teams, there have been numerous issues of public vandalism and brutality from the football hooligans associated with these teams. And with Portsmouth being a navy city, it has some burly fans as well backing it.

But when it comes to playing, the fans are happy to come together and simply enjoy the sport they all love and cherish. The issue is when the game ends the fighting begins.