The Famous Actors That Always did Their own Stunts

Watching an action-packed movie can often leave you sitting on the edge of your seat as you watch in awe of the danger that the characters are facing; whether that’s a high-speed car chase, jumping from a building, or a high-stakes fight. In most cases, the person on screen is a highly trained professional who has dedicated their lives to the adrenaline-filled action. However, sometimes the actor may decide to take on the challenge themselves and do their own stunts. There are a number of actors who do this for every movie they star in, and some have even become renowned for it. This list names just a few who refuse to say no to a scary stunt.


Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has starred in numerous action movies, with each movie having at least a few dangerous stunts where the main character is attempting to do something daring. He has insisted on doing his own stunts since the start of his career, so much so that he has, in fact, become known for it in the industry, aside from being an incredible actor. He’s hung out of a plane, had to stay underwater for over six minutes, and participated in a motorbike chase, to name just a few; it almost makes you wonder if there’s anything he hasn’t done.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, most famously known for starring in The Terminator franchise, is another famous Hollywood actor who insisted on doing his own stunts. Since the start of his career, there has rarely been a time where he hasn’t done the hard stunts himself, even up until recent movies as he hits his seventies. He has in fact become a favorite amongst movie studios who would happily hire him, knowing that they wouldn’t have to also spend money on hiring a stunt double.


Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan not only does his own stunts but is famous for his talent in the martial arts. He has broken bones doing fight scenes and has even worked as a stuntman on films, proving that he is up for the job in his own movies. His skill in martial arts is so impressive that he is likely to make anyone watching desperate to do it too and will have them buying their own gi. However, if Chan does make you want to take up martial arts, make sure to check this size chart for selecting your gi, as they can be notoriously hard to get the fit right.


Gal Gadot

Possibly best known for playing Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot insisted on doing her own stunts in her role as the titular character of both the first movie and the upcoming sequel. In fact, thanks to her dangerous stunts in the sequel, she ended up suffering from a few spinal injuries. She puts her desire to perform her own stunts down to the love of adrenaline, as she also did all of her own terrifying stunts in some of the later Fast & Furious movies.