The World’s a Stage: The Greatest Theaters Around the Globe

The art of performance has been loved by humans for thousands of years and there is no wonder why. There is nothing more magical than watching a selection of talented performers play out some of our beloved stories or even a musical number. Before there were TV and streaming, we had no choice but to attend theaters in order to get our entertainment fix, and today people still enjoy a trip to see a show. It is more likely than not that you’ve heard of plenty of famous plays or operas that have been performed in theaters, but do you know about the theaters that hold these performances? Here are the greatest theaters around the globe.


The Globe

It would not be right to not have the Globe at the top of our list. Since opening in 1599 by William Shakespeare, the Globe has held millions of performances that have entertained the people of London, as well as visiting tourists. This theater was considered one of the only forms of entertainment that the people of London had within the 16th century and so it quickly became one of the most popular spots in London. Today the Globe still thrives as a popular tourist spot, but the way in which they perform is much different from when the plays were initially released. If you are somewhat of a Shakespeare buff then you definitely need to give the Globe a visit as you may be able to catch a performance of some of his beloved classic plays.


Sydney Opera House

Aside from housing some of the best performers in the world, the Sydney Opera House is also one of the most architecturally beautiful theaters in the entire world. Even if you are someone that is not a fan of stage performance, it is likely that you will find yourself extremely impressed by the building alone. It is reported that 1.2 million people visit this theater every year in order to enjoy one of many performances held there every year. Are you a fan of opera or plays? Then why not pay the Sydney Opera House a visit during your next holiday to Australia?


St Luke’s Bombed Out Church

This is one of the smaller venues on the list, but due to its interesting history and beautiful interior. The Bombed Out Church is not considered to be exclusively a theater as it houses many events. However, there are still hundreds of performances that take place there every year and so it has become a popular spot for theater fanatics. This landmark also has a rich history that is shown by the condition of the roof. It no longer has a room due to bombing that occurred during the second world war and so it has become a popular location for its unique look. The Bombed Out Church also pays homage to its religious roots and can offer some of the besten geschenke zur jugendweihe für einen jungen within its gift shop.


Odeon of Herodes Atticus

This location can arguably be called one of the birthplaces of theater. Located in Athens, Greece, this theater has been frequented by millions of people for as long as the theater has even existed. Not much has changed about the theater and you can still visit and sit much like many of the Greek citizens would and the fact that the architecture still stands strong is only credit to the fantastic abilities of the Greek laborers. Athens itself is also exceptionally beautiful, so if you are looking for a place to holiday, why not try there.