Why Outdoor Theater is the Way Forward for Live Performance

Going to the theatre is an enriching experience; from watching stories unfold, to riveting performances, feeling the emotions of brilliant performers, theatre is something everyone needs to experience. But there’s one thing that could improve live performances, and it’s having site-specific locations for the theatre to take place.


The Magic Of Outdoors!

Imagine it! Watching a Peter Pan pantomime in a forest, or on the beach. Audiences can experience an almost real-life set up of what the Lost Boys’ hideaway might look like. Or, watching Peter Pan and the Lost Boys battle Captain Hook and his crew on a real beach, or perhaps even a real ship.


Apart from having some of the magic of performance realized with genuine sets, it also enhances the performer’s abilities to bring to life their characters. The more real the set, props, and costumes are, the more easily performers are able to become the characters they play. This makes the entire performance more enjoyable for both performers and audiences.



Audiences may even be asked to participate and given a digital myoutdoorgearguide that corresponds to the plays they’re watching. This could be anything from maps to find out where you’ll see the performance take place, items to give to performers to activate scenes – there’s nothing that an outdoor performance can’t make more enjoyable or immersive for audiences.


Another great thing about having performances outdoors is the larger possibility for promenade performances. Promenade stages are stages where audiences must walk for the performance to happen. This could be per scene, where you’re asked to move to and from certain locations to experience the action, or, you could be asked to walk the entire play!


This is why outdoor theatre is the way forward for live performance. All the new possibilities that were impossible to achieve because of the containment of a stage. All the new ways to realize old plays. New ways to engage audiences. It’s the future of the theatre.